How to manually activate and renew (new registration wizard)?

This article applies only to specific versions of Materialise software, please refer to the Activating Materialise Software Guide‍ to find the correct version for your product.

In order to manually (re-)activate your software product or renew your license, follow the below steps.  This is needed if you do not have an internet connection or need to apply an emergency key file. ‍ 

These instructions are for products using the new registration wizard (Magics 24.1+)

  1. Open the License Registration Wizard‍ 
  2. Click 'Activate or renew local license'
  3. Click 'Manual activation and renewal and click NEXT
  4. If you do not have your key file yet, follow the steps below to receive a key file by email and save it to your computer. Click on the folder icon and browse to the location of the key file.   Click here for detailed info on obtaining a key file.‍ 
  5. Select your saved key file in the browser and click OK.  The location of the key file will now be shown in the registration wizard. Click NEXT
  6. Your software has now been activated or renewed.  

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