How to view and manage license information (new registration wizard)?

This article applies only to specific versions of Materialise software, please refer to the Activating Materialise Software Guide‍ to find the correct version for your product.

In order to view and manage details on your license(s), follow the below steps.  

These instructions are for products using the new registration wizard (Magics 24.1+)

  1. Open the License Registration Wizard‍ 
  2. Click 'Manage license information'
  3. All information on local and or floating licenses in use is displayed in the menu.  Licenses not in use are not shown.  You can scroll down the list using the right hand side scroll-bar.  Click FINISH to close the registration wizard.
  4. If needed, e.g. for support purposes, you can easily copy all details on licenses to the clipboard and from there to a text file or email.

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