How do I install the Floating License Server (FLS)

A floating license allows you to run Materialise Magics on multiple machines using the same license. For that the license server software must be installed on a computer that can be accessed via network from the machine where Magics is installed. The floating license must be registered on that license server.


To download the software, please go to our Passwords site:


On the Downloads page of the Passwords site, select Floating License Server from the dropdown list and click “Download”.


Install the Floating License Server.

When running the Floating License Server installer certain settings can be modified.

Installed components

The Floating License Server allows installing the following components:

- License Server – the license server itself

- License Administrator – a UI tool that allows performing different operations with the license server, like adding or deleting license modules, viewing the list of the installed licenses and their usage. If desired this component can be installed on a different machine than the license server itself.

IP port numbers

Starting from the version 7.0 the Floating License Server opens two IP ports:

1. “IP port number FLS 7.X” – used by the Materialise software products released after October 2018 (including Magics 23)

2. “IP port number FLS Proxy 6.X” – used by the Materialise software products released before October 2018.

Whenever possible the default values should be used for these settings (IP ports 7010 and 7000 respectively).

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