How do I install licenses/register key files on the Floating License Server (FLS)?


Search for the License Administrator program on your computer and open it.

STEP 2: Connect to the FLS.  This will differ based on the FLS being installed on the same machine as the license administrator program or not.  Choose your scenario below.

->If the License Administrator is running on the same PC as the license server itself, select the Floating License Server in the list of the servers.

->If the License Administrator is installed on the different PC than the license server, proceed to the Server -> Connect menu item.

In the Connect to Server dialog select <custom> in the servers list

Specify the host name or IP address of the license server.

The license server’s host name can be found at the computer properties:In order to connect to the license server with the License Administrator the IP port number used by the Materialise software products released before October 2018 must be specified (7000 by default).

STEP 3: Installing the licenses aka registering key files on the FLS

If you have an internet connection please follow the procedure described below (A). 

If you do not have an internet connection or you working through a Proxy, skip to (B).

A. From the menu bar, choose Licenses and click on << Auto Update License>>. Internet connection is required.

Enter the license CCKey of the floating license that you have received via e-mail and click ‘Start’.

B. If you don’t have an internet connection or you are working through a Proxy, you need to request a key file via the Materialise Online Password Generation site.

You can request the key file via the password website: using your CCkey to enter.

Save the Key file (.matkey) you received in a local folder on your computer, or on an external storage device.

From the menu bar in the License Administrator, choose Licenses and click on << add>>.

Browse for the Key file that you saved locally on your computer or externally. Then click “OK”.

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