nVidia driver update causes Magics and other SW to crash

Impacting: users of nVidia graphics cards with latest driver update

Issue: The latest update of the nVidia GeForce driver is generating a crash with latest versions of Magics, 3-matic and potentially also other Materialise software.  On older versions, crashes might only happen exiting the software, though will create a glitched, unusable view.

The issue appears with driver version  Rolling back to version fixes the issue.  Our development teams are working on the issue and this article will be updated when more information is available.


When Magics is opened you will get an immediate crash report:  




  • In the widows search box, type “Device Manager” 

  • Look for display adapters and right click on Nvidia card and select “Properties” 

  • Click the Driver tab and “Roll Back Driver”  


Note: This is a temp fix and Windows Update may reinstall the new Nvidia driver on reboot.  

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