What is a license?

A license means having the right to use a Materialise software product under certain conditions. If you have a valid license (in the form of a CCKey or voucher), you will be able to activate your software. If your license is no longer valid, you won't be able to run the software. Depending on the type of license you have, you can renew it or extend it after contacting your local office.

In terms of duration, there are three main types of licenses:

  • Evaluation license: This license allows you to evaluate our software for a limited period of time. The software may only be used for non-commercial, trial, and evaluation purposes.
  • Annual license: This is a commercial license that allows you to use the software during a one-year period and will be renewed annually.
  • Perpetual license: This is a commercial license that allows you to use the software for an unlimited period of time, with the exception of a license termination. An annual maintenance renewal will ensure that you are using the latest software version at all times.

Furthermore, we differentiate between two types of licenses in terms of usage:

  • Local license: A local license entitles one end-user to run the software on a single computer.
  • Floating license: A floating license allows a specified number of end-users to run the software on one or several concurrent computers in a network.

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