How to request a permanent license?

1. To request a permanent OrthoView license, first launch the OrthoView application. If you do not have a valid license currently installed, you will be stopped from launching with the following message.

2. Click the “License Manager...” button.

If you already have a valid license (e.g., a temporary) then within OrthoView click Help > License Manager.

3. In the lower right corner click the "Save System Details" button. This will bring up a Save dialogue allowing you to select the name and location of the created license request file.

4. Save the file to any suitable location, e.g., on the desktop. Once saved, attach the file to an email and send to (UK/ROW) or (US/Canada). Please remember to include the OR number (order reference) if you have one along with the name and address of the site as well as the reason for your request e.g., convert from temporary to permanent.

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