Network share requirements

Where Does the Network Share Need to Be?

  • The share needs to be on a machine that is always going to be on when a user need to use OrthoView.
  • The share needs to be accessible by any user that may run OrthoView.
  • The faster the network connection to the share, the better the user experience will be.

What Do I Need to Create for the Share?

  • Simply create a folder on a server that will always be available to users.
  • Give the user accounts of the people who will be using OrthoView full access to the share – Read, Write, Modify & Delete.
  • Note the UNC path of the share e.g. \\\OrthoView as it will be needed when installing clients.

What is Stored on the Network Share?

OrthoView will setup the contents of the shared folder automatically. It will add folders for Custom Notes, User Information, License, Logs & Templates.

How Does OrthoView Know to Use the Shared Folder?

  • During installation of the client software at the workstation you will be asked to choose an installation type – here you should choose Shared Network
  • Drive. OrthoView will not ask for the shared folder path until the first time it is launched. When prompted, enter the address as \\SERVER\FOLDER replacing this information with what you have configured.
  • If the Shared Folder is empty – the first client will upload it’s settings to the share.
  • If the Shared Folder is not empty – the client will download the settings to the local machine.

What Should I Look Out For?

  • Make sure all OrthoView users have full access to the folder – if they don’t you will have problems. To test, login to a workstation as a standard user and run the shared folder address in Explorer. Try to create a file, then rename it, then delete it – if any of these tests fail the permissions are not configured correctly.
  • Once the share is setup using a UNC address e.g. \\SERVER\FOLDER do not change to a mapped network drive letter as this will stop the application working. UNC addresses are required.
  • If all permissions on the share are correct, verify the local cache location. By default this will be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OrthoView\ for XP based systems or C:\ProgramData\OrthoView\ for Vista/Win7 based systems.

Can I Map the Share to a Drive Letter?

No, this would be of no benefit to the user and would prevent OrthoView functioning correctly

How Much Space Is Required for the Share?

Depending on number of users, number of templates, additional features added/configured the space requirement could range from 1GB to 20GB

Are Patient Images Stored on the Share?

By default, no images are stored on the client PC and/or the PACS archive. Additional features such as FollowMe and ImageShare would use the share for image storage.

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