How can I update my SISMA machine to the new Build Processor Version?

Unlike other build processors, a machine of the SISMA Build Processor cannot be updated to the latest version via the machine properties. This article explains how you can nevertheless update to a new version of this Build Processor. In this example, we are updating from version 4 to 5.

1. Open the Build Processor Manager via Control Panel.

2. Right click on the machine which should be updated and click on Configure.

3. Go to Profile Editor and click on Export.

4. Choose which items should be exported and click on Export to choose where to store the parameter file.

5. Go back to Build Processor Manager and click on Add a Machine.

6. Choose the machine type which you want to update and click on Add.

7. In the Drop-Down of Build Processor choose SISMA Build Processor 5.0 and give the machine an appropriate name and click on Add.

8. Make sure that Launch configuration after installation is activated and click on Close. Now the printer configuration of the just added machine should open.

9. Go to Profile Editor tab and click on Import.

10. Choose the parameter file you exported earlier and click on Open.

You will be warned that the parameter file is coming from an older version.

Click on OK to import the parameters.

11. Parameters that are new are indicated with a question mark and initialized with a default value. Check all your materials and build strategies if the values need to be adjusted! The question marks will disappear after closing Configure Printer.

12. In case you want to save the parameters click on Save or on OK

Now your machine is ready to work with the Build Processor version 5.0

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