Magics: Performance

This article offers some guidelines regarding potential performance improvements in Magics

This article provides information for users that might be experiencing performance issues or undesired slowdowns in Magics.

1. Update Magics and MatConvert to the latest available version

You will need your CCKey in order to access our downloads website.
Once you've downloaded the latest versions of the software, you can verify the MatConvert version used by Magics here:


3. Update your graphics drivers

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
See the manufacturer's website for detailed information on how to update your drivers, as this process will vary depending on the make and model of your hardware.

4. Verify your system specs

This link provides information on system requirements for Magics. Make sure your system matches these specifications (or similar).

You can assign your GPU to Magics in Windows under Graphics Settings:

5. Check if your licensing information is up to date

One cause of slow behavior in Magics is the use of a floating license server that is no longer active.
To check for this, open your licensing wizard in Magics and verify that all the server names listed are currently active, reachable, and correctly configured for use as a floating license server.
If there are entries that are no longer valid, remove them.

6. Best practices: Preparing parts for use in Magics

Having a properly fixed and prepared part can not only lead to a decrease in calculation time but can also prevent other issues from appearing during the data preparation process. Following these practices will allow you to get the most out of Magics and its features.

See our Academy website under the category "Fixing" for tutorials on this subject.

Additionally, keeping the number of triangles as low as possible during import or applying a triangle reduction to an STL part might help reduce operation times.

Note: The above-mentioned methods are only guidelines that can lead to an improvement in workflow speed. However, the complexity, size, and number of parts and supports, as well as the number of platforms present, play a significant role in processing times. Even with high specs and proper part preparation, there might be instances of increased processing times in Magics.

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